Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as aHolocaust survivor. What tended to do people in, both metaphorically and… tragically quite literally as well, was:

“Mental agony caused by injustice, hurt people the most”.

This was the considered conclusion of Frankl. His antidote to tyranny, and the message that resonates still, is that regardless of our immediate concerns or despair, we must try and discover, connect with and experience meaning.

Frankl’s survival, endurance and insights have left the world a legacy of hope.

(My meaning right now, is in typing these words.)

If any of our readers wish to share their meanings, we encourage you to do so. the interpretOr is free and open and just one way of sharing meaning. It would be particularly significant if Aboriginal brothers and sisters could share their meanings with us. 

More meaning expressed will lead to more social justice and be just one small, but perhaps important, response or antidote to “mental agony” that so concerned the very wise and humanistic Dr Frankl.