The Media inquiry proposed by Stephen Conroy looks increasingly like it is going to be a fizzog. Conroy has said he wasn’t going to inquire into media ownership as he already knew Murdoch owned 70% of Australian media and he suggested that it didn’t matter because that is the way it has been for twenty years.

Well I am glad that Senator Conroy doesn’t care that one company, indeed one man can control information all over the world and have such power that politicians fall into line with his wishes to the detriment of the citizens. Furthermore they turn a blind eye to his newspapers being involved in misinformation on a massive scale on matters of extreme importance.

Democracy cannot survive in countries where those who control information give us lies and propaganda instead of truth. How can we judge elected representatives if our judgement is based on misinformation? How can we trust politicians who have to placate media tycoons if they want to gain the seat of government?

The fourth estate has gone beyond its charter to become a quasi-level of government which bashes the elected representatives into submission to the detriment of the broader community. George Orwell was wrong about Big Brother being a government bureaucracy; it is more likely to be a huge corporation.

Each passing day our newspapers become more like paper versions of Fox News and our democratic process is pushed further into jeopardy. Fox has become the champion of extremist politicians, Muslim bashing, government hatred, character assassination and science denial. Recent studies show that Fox viewers are the most ignorant viewers in America and that the more they watch Fox the more misinformed they become. Our only national broadsheet, The Australian, is well on the way down the same path. The media monopoly must be addressed now.