Senator Steven Conroy enjoyed a recent skiing jaunt in the US with Kerry Stoke, early 2010 – documented even in The Australian and Sunday Times (Perth). How cosy…ohhh, we’re also correct in reporting that this occured just weeks before a $250 MILLLION cash fall awarded by gvt. to free to air networks, including C7…all a bit off piste!

We’re a bit piste off, also…

the interpretOr: media inquiry…if not nOw, then when?

The interpretOr has covered issues of the public interest since our inception a few months ago. We would ask our visitors and readers to consider whether the following perspectives that we’ve examined were offered by News Ltd, Seven Media Group and other mainstream Australian media over this same period? To cite a few interpretOr pieces thus far…

  • a series of articles on press freedom from a variety of perspectives (Obama, Reporters Without Borders…)
  • the selling of Blair’s dodgy dossier that led countries to war and the invasion of Iraq (an odious dictatorship, yet sovereign state)
  • the plight of refugees as described by those unfortunate enough to have actually fled their homeland and the carnage of the Taliban
  • the soft sell of detention centre contractor, Serco, across ‘community’ newspapers
  • the massive profits of Serco and the Ferrari fetish of its UK based CEO
  • the objective evidence sourced from Nobel Laureate economists, Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz on the causes and characteristics of economic crises and cycles
  • the exposure of the falsehood of the “Big government BAD…small government GOOD” gobbledegook….errrr, there’s no correlation
  • the evidence based conflict of interest of the ‘ratings agencies’ and US Senate 2011 conclusions and response
  • the impact of Murdoch’s incursion into the UK Times and Sunday Times
  • the connection between successive PMs in the UK, and now Australia, and Murdoch and his acolytes
  • the connection between the Gammell family, Tony Blair, George W Bush and Seven West Media
  • a satirical series deconstructing and exploring the absurdity of the status quo and appalling behaviour of Dumsfeld et al
  • to borrow a term from Chomsky…uncovery of significant evidence of “THE MANUFACTURE of CONSENT”

If most or all of the above were absent from your regular media diet, then perhaps it’s time for us, the public, to stand up and demand an inquiry into media ownership here in Australia. As stated in our ‘about’ statement….objectivity cannot serve two masters. Market based media and the public interest are not congruent.