At a time when the reputation of the United States of America as an economic superpower has being exposed, it has also been totally and irrevocably exposed as supporting an unjust moral fraud. In vetoing the Palestinian bid for statehood, President Barrack Obama has taken the blindfold from the statue of Justice and placed it firmly on the eyes of the statue of Liberty.       

Despite all the pathetic excuses about Palestinians not being ready for statehood, the US veto of a Palestinian State shows clearly that American justice is not imparted without favour and that the liberty can only won by violence. For all those in the USA who have wondered what drove the appalling suicidal act of mass murder on September 11, look no further than the genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people that has gone on for a lifetime.

Even as the undemocratic and compromised UN meets to decide the fate of a people with no voice, the Palestinians continue to be imprisoned in their own land. They are subject to summary execution and collectively punished. Furthermore, every day more Palestinians are being illegally driven off their land and their homes are destroyed by the “settlers”, a nice word used to describe violent secular and largely foreign land thieves backed by a secular state with little regard for international law. All this is allowed by the UN without any meaningful action to protect the Palestinian’s human rights.

It should be remembered that in carving out a secular state in Palestine, the UN was in breach of its own charter as the people of Palestine were not polled or the will of the majority considered.

The UN is not a democratic organisation and each passing day begins to look more and more like the propaganda tool and star chamber to wrongly accuse, falsely convict and unjustly sentence those countries of the South that resist the will of the West . Each one of a select handful of superpowers can independently veto decisions made by even a huge majority of countries. It is a shameful injustice that countries that have the support of one superpower can escape sanction for terrible war crimes and be able to expand atomic arsenals without question, while other countries are bombed into oblivion for lesser crimes or even on the basis of rumours and lies.

The ridiculous proposition underpinning this tragic farce is a mirage in that very few countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy France Germany, Russia, China or even Australia have had to ask permission of the UN to be recognised as states. Herein lays the essence of the problem. It is the Middle Eastern countries undemocratically carved up by Western powers and set up as compliant undemocratic pseudo states that need this fraudulent endorsement of the UN. The fundamental cause of current conflicts in the Middle East is that the wishes and rights of the vast majority of citizens in this region have been trampled on by the oil hungry superpowers for just one reason and that is to maintain their strategic control of an essential resource. When the citizens of these countries are able to rid themselves of the despots and puppet regimes installed by the West as appears to be happening right now, the West must face up to its greatest lie, that is the proposition that it supports democracy for all and that its interventions are for the common good. Furthermore, it is clear that conflict or more accurately a lack of unity between Arab states suits the Western agenda.

The people of Western nations and especially those of the United States need to wake up that their governments are betraying them and that they too are being exploited and killed on battlefields to maintain an exploitative regimen that holds back our civilisation from achieving great advances in the well-being of the people of all nations. Until we demand justice for all there will be no lasting peace and the next to be denied justice may be us.