Embattled Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, last night (Fri 9th Sept ’11), unveiled the Coalition’s new ‘third way’ proposal on the refugee issue.

The Lunar Solution is a dynamic and bold policy move that involves partnership between a future Coalition Federal government and private enterprise. Negotiations with Dick Bronson’s Chaste Intergalactic are at an advanced stage, with a potential funding source in the Carlyle Group. Norman Boyd’s Correct Corp are also in the mix to provide facility management and behaviour modification programmes.

“Look, “queue jumpers”, oooh errrrefugees will be processed offshore and on the Moon. This initiative is umm, bold, further secures the sanctity of our borders and is a viable alternative to the Falkland Islands, and other misguided Labour, Green and do-gooder attempts to appease the alien invasion faced by our great nation.”

To a stunned, yet clearly supportive audience of the business and media cognoscenti, Mr Abbott received an extended standing ovation. Asked at the close of last night’s event for his reaction, an emboldened Abbott stated:

“Look….quite frankly, errr…at the end of the day, I’m absolutely over the moon.”

Correct Corp’s Boyd could not be reached for comment and all a spokesperson would confirm is that he is taking a “well-earned break” somewhere in SE Asia.

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