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Julian Assange appears to be bound for Sweden despite not having been charged with any offence.  His extradition raises a number of questions that should be examined. The first question is why can’t the Swedish prosecutor ask her questions in the UK?  Why is it necessary for him to be in Sweden before he is charged? Can and will the English Judiciary limit Assanges extradition to Sweden only?

A more important matter is, will Sweden be simply a stepping stone in Assanges rendition to the United States or even Gauntanamo Bay? If such proceedings begin what action if any will be taken by the Australian government to ensure Assange’s safety, legal rights and freedom? Will the Gillard Government stick up for an Australian citizen or tug the forelock once again?

Gillard has a poor record on Assange and has already declared him guilty of crimes and stayed silent on seemingly illegal  attacks on WikiLeaks by banks and credit card companies.

She may lose further support from the Australian public if she plays Pontius Pilate in the Assange case. Furthermore she will be setting a low value on Australian citizenship.

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