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The Invisible Giant Points the Way

The drumbeats are growing louder summoning the howling dogs of war to assemble on the borders of Persia. These are not Assyrians whose spears gleam in the moonlight but Americans astride black vultures carrying cannisters of death.

They have been called to assembly by the Invisible Giant of Jerusalem who points his menacing finger accusingly at Tehran and through deceptive lips breathes the great lie that is not permitted to be questioned.

The Persians have a great weapon and are a threat to me and the whole world he says, while concealing his secret arsenal of annihilation under a blanket of ancient guilt. Directing attention away from a history of kidnapping and murder and theft of lands, carried out in the name persecution.

 This is the same great lie that saw death rain down on Baghdad and infected America with disbelief and loss of trust in its own destiny. This is the lie that enrages and motivates its victims and enemies to seek a bloody revenge.

While its leaders begin the chant of war and the captains of industry line their treasuries with Persian gold America’s people are on the streets demanding truth and justice. And the invisible giant points the way.  

Jim Scott Nov 14

In cognitive psychologydichotic listening is a procedure commonly used to investigate selective attention in the auditory system. In dichotic listening, two different auditory stimuli (usually speech) are presented to the participant simultaneously, one to each ear, normally using a set of headphones. Participants are asked to attend to one or (in a divided-attention experiment) both of the messages. They may later be asked about the content of either message….

Page 1 of the Weekend Australian (12-13 Nov ’11) had leads from the paper’s foreign editor, Greg Sheridan, and political editor, Denis Shanahan. The messages were mixed and perhaps even ‘dichotic’:

“There will be no military bases (US) in Australia”: Greg Sheridan, 1st paragraph of p1

“Mr Obama and Julia Gillard will announce a new joint US-Australia military base in Darwin”: Denis Shanahan, p1

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