With his orange tan fading to a more golden hue, noted Italian clown and children’s entertainer, ‘Silvio’, was again in the spotlight yesterday.

As the G20 wrapped up in Cannes, ‘Silvio’ entertained onlookers with a rare return to street performance!  As delighted fans gathered ‘al fresco’, he relished in reviving his dadaist masterpiece ‘Bling, Bling’. With its’ existential themes and imagery, comparisons have been made with Godot…

A clearly delighted ‘Silvio’ also quoted an extract from ‘Bling’ to the throng of media:

“I’ve dreamed all my life of making these reforms to the economy, but it hasn’t been possible because of the socialists and communists,”

(‘Silvio’ 4 nOv, 2011)

His revival of ‘Bling, Bling’ is proudly sponsored by Goldmen Sucks and the ratings agency Poor Standards.

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