It is clear to almost everyone on the planet that the curtain should be drawn on America’s war in Afghanistan. While there was once a valid argument for the USA to retaliate against the Al Qaeda, the time has long gone when military activity improved security or improved the lives of Afghanis.

As President Karzai has clearly spelt out, Afghanistan’s economic and security future lies with making alliances with its superpower neighbours China and India, as well as Pakistan and even Iran.  Clearly the Pakistani Military at least is very uncomfortable with a dominant Western presence in the region and has less inclination to deal with cross border insurgents while Western Forces remain.

Now that Pakistan and India have formed a trading alliance and China is seeking to widen its economic reach, the quickest way to peace is for the West to get out. This loss of status may not suit US objectives but its allies interests would be better served by getting out now

Those Afghani troops who are turning on their trainers may not be Taliban or Al Qaeda. They may be motivated by the wishes of the Afghan Government or more likely the will of the people. Australia should be bringing back our troops and thanking them for a job well done and it would be sensible for other countries to do the same.