‘Lord’ Christopher Sponkton:  don’t worry Gina, they’re all hiding at Bunnings

Ha, ha. Ohh, Lord Chrissie, you are a card!

Errrhhm, well, well, let’s recap on the Oz media status quo – this usually cheers one up!

Please, Lord Chrissie. I love that stawweee, it’s pwobablee my absolute favewit!

As things cuwwentlee stend:

  • Woopert has most of the newspapers and settelite television
  • Stokes has Channel Seven, half the magazine market….ohhh, end yahoo 7 tooo – they’re doing tewiblee well with their Caterpillar frenchise, and the Chinese adore their lovely big yellow bull-dozer jobbies – appawently, a ‘BIG CATERPILLAR’ can clear fell a ghastly fowest in about half an hour! You’re Paaa would be pwoud, dear Gina, vewy pwoud. Gosh, nearly forgot…whoopsee…the West Awstaralian too.

Another crumpet, Lord Chrissie??

Ohh yess, Gina, lashings of lard and bacon rind upon it, as per usual! Scrummeee. Where were we, where were we? Right, umm, yes:

  • You, Gina. You have a vewy big slice of Fearfax and you are Chairperson of Chennel 10
  • we’re also getting trection on the school market too – ALEC and IOT are drafting swathes of syllabus for the young ones that gives them the fects on the benefits of unchecked development and the invisible hend of the free market
  • the young pioneers, Tony A is driving, and Lenis across uniforms etc….