If  Tony Abbott truly believes the “red carpet” is being laid out for refugees released into the community, I challenge him to live under the same conditions for two weeks.

Using a nasty false and racist article by Gemma Jones in the Sydney Telegraph as his information base, Tony Abbott has made a disgusting attack on refugees who have been released into the community.

This attack has one purpose and that is to improve his own political fortune. It is a modus operandi perfected by Roger Ailes from Fox News. Ailes was previously behind the campaign of Richard Nixon where he developed the politics of resentment. He makes the less well off angry that someone is getting some benefit at their expense.

It is a technique that has been perfected by the Tea Party in America and now Tony Abbott is its latest adherent.

The truth is that it is much cheaper for governments to release the refugees into the community and that life inside and outside the prisons is very tough for them. These people are living in very basic conditions with no luxuries. The other truth is Abbott is pushing this country in a very nasty direction one which will have very dire consequences for the health of our society.