Part 2 Mr Rabbits Adventures – Mr Rabbit Goes West

Mr Rabbit recently made an important trip to Western Downunder to address his wealthy burrowing cousins at their annual digging conference. He reiterated his Party’s policies by emphasising that he ah  was against everything, especially ah anything that the audience didn’t ah support and would like a copy of anything new that was opposed by the  ah wealthy burrowers so that he could add it to his policy against everything ah as soon as possible.

At a burrow step interview Mr Rabbit was questioned by journalists about his reneging on a deal to give his old mate Bleater the key to the party’s carrot vault. Mr Rabbit said this was ah a good thing for the party because the party needed more competition “dangling the carrot and then pulling it away made members hungry for success”. This is clearly the case with Bleater who was heard to mutter that he felt like ripping off Mr Rabbit’s ears and stuffing them in his orifice, although on second thoughts I’m not sure he meant his own mouth. Mr Rabbit was clearly worried about Bleaters comments as he knew deep down despite the efforts he made to draw attention to other symbols of his virility by wearing budgie smugglers, that the main appeal he offered his party was the size of his ears.

On hearing Mr Rabbits comments Bleater said he thought he should have got the top job because he was an expert in the field of misinformation which is of course the reason behind the recent success of the party. “Having invented this type of campaigning I thought I offered a great deal of expertise to the party but after welcoming me on board Mr Rabbit has thrown me overboard without a lifebelt.”  On reflection he added “I have to concede however that he is even better at misinformation than me”. Since these comments Bleater has gone underground and cannot be contacted.