Recent Weekend Australian (Sept 3-4 2011, p2):

“According to (John) Hartigan (News Ltd CEO) , PM Gillard said on Monday, “this has broken the deal we had.”

Let’s just think this one through for a mo, dear readers…(in the interim, please comment away if the urge takes you). Gillard’s perspective is certainly perceptive when the same issue of the paper on p21 had Greg Sheridan drooling all over Abbott as a potential “Master of the World.”

ps. This series of newsflashes has led interpretOr contributor Keith Gray to literally explode down Skype from Boket….he’s currently grinding his teeth, getting tetchy with our organ’s stuffed border collie mascot and yelling with rosacead snarl…”Do Fartigan, Harridan et al. take us all to be total foookin’ ideeotts!!?” He’s sussed out where Kikimongulat’s compound is and is trying to get his bearings…