Mr Rabbit’s Adventures

The week that had started so well for Mr Rabbit has had a turn for the worse. After being lauded as a Master of the Universe by Brown Chin the righteous reporter who works for Rupert the Unbearable, he picked up the new edition of “The Weak End Downunder” and found he had been usurped. Brown Face had taken a shine to that Western Bunny they all called the Foreign Monster. He seemed to think Foreign Monster might take over from Carrot Top as leader. Mr Rabbit felt betrayed and made a note to ring Rupert and make a complaint although he had to concede that Brown Chin was prone to be notorious tail sniffer. To make matters worse, as the week unfolded it became evident that Carrot Top had got one over him. It turned out she was capable being even crueler than him in dealing with the homeless boat bunnies. His reputation for callousness had been overshadowed by a woman, he could easily lose support. While promising himself to improve his cruelty output he took solace in getting an even draw on climate change. While his policy was estimated to cost twice as much as Carrot Tops plan it was only half as effective. That should put a stop to the jokes about him thinking climate change meant moving to the Gold Coast.