Protecting and promoting the UK in a digital world | Cabinet Office.

(this is a hotlink, as headlined in bold, received directly by the interpretOr,  from UK Cabinet Office,  via Twitter 25/11/11)

Big PR number with David Cameron quotes and associated justifications. A press release really, that we’ll try to deconstruct and post on in the not too distant…David Cameron was PR head honcho for Carlton Television and is a Tory. This triumphant announcement mid phone hacking enquiry. NO PROTECTION has been a theme of the evidence thus far…

nanoo, nanoo...

Here’s an extract in the interim:

As part of this action plan Government will:

• Continue to build up in GCHQ and MOD our sovereign UK capability to detect and defeat high-end threats.

More tea, vicar? A Tory PM. Again. And there was even a woyal wedding wecently too. Wonder if this legislation was discussed by David Cameron at last year’s Christmas lunch get together with Brooks, Murdochs, Freuds, car salesmen who present a television franchise via the BBC? What a recipe for food poisoning!

Cameron’s 2010 Christmas lunch with Rebekah Brooks and the Murdochs