“Eeef Rinehart continues to increase zee stake in Fearfex media, it could leave us in ze seetuation where nearly all our major daily papers are controlled by just three peoples, Norb! Eet’s a vin for zee opportunity to vin”

Quite soo, dear Leni. Well, Radio Now is actually already across the new Stomurdhart account, Leni.

Vot are zee stretegic eempleecations, Norb?

Integration of moral courage across multiple platforms, Leni. Tony’s tickled pin…errr, delighted, delighted.

Eez eet true that Lord Christopher Sponkton eez ze new Stomurdhart ‘face’?

Under wraps, Leni. Under wraps.

Ochh, Norb, yoor smiling though…eet eez true…

Look, Gina, Rupert and Kerry are titans with vision moving forwards.

“All zee propegenda has to be populerr and has to accommodate eetself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

Is that whom I think it is, Leni?